Chest Opening & Back Bending

Ever have one of those days where the words in your head don’t quite make it out of your mouth? I was having one of those days when I filmed this practice. Usually, that’s a sign that I need to slow down, listen to my breath, and feel my body just as it is.
This is slow-flow style practice. We begin with a gentle backbend, laying down on our backs and feeling supported with a rolled-up blanket (or towel). You may also want to have some yoga blocks handy, as well as a yoga strap or belt. 
Backbends and twists are some of the best ways to relieve text-neck and shoulder hunching associated with hours of computer work. But, safety is always number one. If you have spinal herniation or fusions,  please approach this practice with caution. As always, please reach out and let me know if you have any questions or feedback!
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