Handstand Prep

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Handstand is an impressive pose. It requires the perfect balance of strength and flexibility to execute, and it can take years to master.
Whether or not you ever want to go upside down in your yoga practice, this week we’ll explore a few ways to build a strong core and upper body. Because let’s face it, groceries are heavy! 
All kidding aside, this week’s practice is less “flowy” and more focused. We’ll isolate specific muscle groups, building strength and endurance along the way. REMEMBER, if you need a break, it’s okay to press pause or come out of a pose a little early. Fat Kid Yoga Club is about celebrating the body, not punishing it!
You’ll want to have some yoga blocks handy and be near a wall or door for the practice. If you don’t have blocks, don’t worry – they’re not mandatory! 
I’m really curious to see what y’all think of this practice. I’ve done it a few times this week and love it more each time. 
Leave a comment below and tell me what you thought of handstand prep.
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