Balance is a Verb

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“Balance is a verb” is one of my favorite quotes from my teacher, Annie Carpenter. It reminds us that balance is something that we do rather than a state that we achieve. 
In this practice, we explore balance on the mat and in our lives. We begin with a gentle asana practice. We take time to notice our connection to the Earth below us and the external support we receive through that connection. Then, we begin to notice how our body works to stabilize and support itself as we move further away from the ground. For this practice, you may need blocks, padding for the knees, or a wall or chair for support.
Octavia Butler told us “the only lasting truth is change.” This is such a powerful lesson. The act of living is the experience of change. As our bodies, minds, and relationships change, we’ll need to change and adapt to maintain balance. 
After our asana practice, I invite you to sit with me as I share my strategies for self-care and balancing during change.
What is Self-Care anyway? 
For me, self-care is organizing your life to support your mind, body, and spirit. This involves establishing sustained practices to promote wellness and developing techniques that mitigate emergent situations and stress.
Some of my favorite self-care practices include:
  • Setting and Maintaining Boundaries (Knowing my limits)
  • Joyful Movement (Celebrating my body)
  • Eating Well (Regularly eating foods that make me feel satisfied and good)
  • Meditation (Practicing focused attention and returning to center)
  • Building meaningful connections (Trusting external supports)
  • Intentional Adaptation (Asking/Reflecting)
How do you practice self-care? Leave a comment and let me know.
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