Fall into Relaxation

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Have you noticed that as the days get shorter and the nights begin to cool, the plants and animals in our yards lean into rest? [Or maybe, in your part of the world, it’s still blisteringly hot.] Either way, I’ve designed this practice for rest and relaxation.
It’s kind of funny, how in the USA we fight our instincts so much. As Winter approaches and we should be preparing for rest, many of us are packing our schedules with Halloween parties, Thanksgiving road trips, and Christmas shopping. As life gets busy over the next few months, I want you to remember – there is always time for rest. And I hope you’ll enjoy this 20-ish minute restorative practice on the days when you feel like you just don’t have time for yoga. You’ll need a few supportive props for this practice. I recommend 2-4 blocks, a bolster or cushion, and a chair. But of course, feel free to use any additional props that you need!
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