Grounding Meditation (with Cosmo)

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Y’all – where did February go? Carnival season is always busy here in Southeast Louisiana. There’s always something to do, a parade, a ball, a crawfish boil. It’s a time of celebration, excess, and effervescence. But, all of that is over now. It’s time to get back to work and reconnect with our practice. 
For this practice, we begin by feeling our body’s connection to the ground below. I’ll invite you to soften – allow yourself to be held, supported. Slowly, we make our way into the body, feeling the breath enter to expand the chest. I invite you to feel your bones and muscles supporting you from within. And finally, we connect the external and internal with the breath.
I recommend practicing this meditation laying down, on the floor, on the couch, or even in bed. If you choose to lay on the floor you may want to use some blankets or pillows to support your body. It’s about 11 minutes in total meditation time – but feel free to practice longer (or shorter).
Leave a comment and let me know how you feel after the practice! I hope you love this meditation as much as I do! I typically offer it on days when my students seem extra rajasic, allowing them to focus on the body to calm the chitta vritti.
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