Strengthen and Flow-Through Uncertainty

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This flow-style practice integrates strength building and movement with breath to offer you an accessible challenge. I hope you’ll enjoy it at much as I did. We start off gently, checking in with our bodies and feeling our breath. We add movement to warm the body before engaging in some modified sun salutations challenging ourselves as we move through lunges, vinyasas, and downward dogs. As the pace quickens, so will your breath – but try to keep it smooth and intentional.  Together we’ll release the hips and inner thighs with Warrior 2, Triangle Pose, and a Wide Leg Forward Fold with a Twist. We place with balance in Tree Pose before eventually making our way to the mat for a few rounds of Bridge Pose and a nice long Savasana.
I recommend having some blocks available and maybe a blanket. I definitely used my towel and drank some water during this practice.
I hope you’re staying safe and healthy – as always, please let me know what I can do to support you!
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