Chair Practice: Accessible Yoga Homework

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I recorded this chair practice as part of my Accessible Yoga training in June 2020. 

You’ll need a chair, preferably without arms. If your chair has wheels, make sure to set the breaks, or consider using a chair that won’t roll out from under you! A yoga block will also be helpful.  We begin by centering and reflecting on a sacred mantra: “lokah samastha suhkino bhavantu”. This translates to “May all beings be happy and free. And may my thoughts, words, and actions contribute to the happiness and freedom of all beings.“  We’ll gently warm up the body working through some gentle twisting and backbend. Eventually, we’ll engage our core, building strength in our arms, abs, and legs as we practice “handstand” in a chair. (Don’t worry! We won’t be going upside down!)
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