Which Yoga Props Should I Buy?

I use yoga props to support my hatha yoga practice and I encourage you to do the same. In this article, I share some of my favorite props and how to use them. If you’ve ever practiced yoga in a studio, you may be familiar with many of the common yoga props like foam blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets. If you’re starting a new home-based yoga practice, I recommend purchasing your own props or improving with options you may already have at home.

Yoga Mats

Mats are generally required in studios, but depending on your practice and flooring, you may not need one at home. If you have hard or slippery flooring, your hands and feet may be able to get a better grip allowing more support and balance in your practice. Yoga mats also cushion the feet and other body parts in various postures. Generally, I recommend an extra-wide mat for folks in larger bodies. Personally, I use the Jade Harmony XW mat.  See my video below on how to choose the best yoga mat for your practice and body. 

Yoga Blocks

There are so ways to use yoga blocks! I’ve included a video below for some options. Generally, in Fat Kid Yoga Club, I encourage folks to use blocks to bring the floor up to them in forward folds, or to support their body in seted and restorative postures. A chair is a great substitute for foam blocks in most situations. However, some people have improvised using stacks of books taped together – but I would never do that to my books! Most yoga blocks are 4″ x 6″ x 9″ but taller people may prefer a “big yoga block” which is 5″x 6.75″ x 12″.

Yoga Straps and Blankets

Most often, yoga straps are used to shorten the distance between our hands and feet. You can easily substitute a belt, dog leash, or some rope. If you’re looking to purchase a trap, I recommend a simple cotton strap such as this one. Blankets are great for cushioning wrists and knees in cat and cow or covering up in savasana. Most folks can use a large towel or a throw instead of purchasing a “yoga blanket.”

Yoga Bolsters

Bolsters are super posh and I think everyone should have at least one. When I practice restorative or yin yoga, I use at least 3 bolsters. I also sit on two bolsters for my meditation practices. However, yoga bolsters are not not necessarily budget-friendly. You can definitely improvise with pillows or cushions at home. If you want to buy a bolster, this my personal favorite

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