Hatha Practice 6-8-21

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This practice is intended to be a slow and grounding invitation to reconnect with your body and your breath. If you’re like me, a busy day can through you off mentally and physically. That was especially true for me yesterday. I woke up early and drove my friend to the airport, I got a few really exciting emails, and taught a webinar for my research methods students. By 4 PM, I felt completely overstimulated. My mind and body were buzzing, and I needed to slow down. 

You may experience many benefits from your yoga practice. You might sleep better at night, feel stronger or more flexible, or find that you navigate change better. But at it’s core, yoga is an invitation to slow down and create space to discover your true Self. I hope this practice helps you to do just that.

As always, it will be helpful to have some water and yoga blocks available. For this practice, a bolster or some large pillows might be nice during reclined butterfly. 

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