How to Cat/Cow

Image displays the Fat Kid Yoga Club Logo and text "How to Cat/Cow"

In this video, I review the cat/cow flow and discuss the benefits of the sequence. We also explore different ways to adapt these poses based on your body’s needs on any given day. Specifically, I demonstrate how to support and protect your knees and wrists when practicing on the mat. I also show how you can practice cat/cow while seated in a chair or on the floor.

How to Downward Facing Dog

Marc practicing downward dog with their arms holding the back of a chair

In this practice, we take a look at downward facing dog and break it down into its component parts: upper body and core work, and hip flexion and opening the backs of the legs. When I started practicing yoga – I hated this pose. But several years later, I’ve learned to love the challenge of downward dog. Maybe you will, too?

How to Child’s Pose

Marc practicing supported child's pose with yoga bolsters and blocks

Child’s pose is one of the most common yoga poses, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy! I’ve met many people who either HATE child’s pose or struggle to make it restful. This practice is a mini-workshop on child’s pose. We’ll start off with a self-assessment, taking time to notice our embodied experience of the posture.

How to Step to the Top of the Mat

Marc transitioning from downward dog to forward fold with the words "Step Through?" above

The transition from Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) to a Forward Fold (Uttanasana) can be difficult. In this video, […]

How to Sit Cross Legged

It might be called “easy seat” (Sukhasana) but for some of us, there’s NOTHING easy about sitting cross-legged. Check out […]