Grounding Meditation (with Cosmo)

Marc laying down supported with bolsters and Cosmo a black cat laying on his chest

For this practice, we begin by feeling our body’s connection to the ground below. I’ll invite you to soften – allow yourself to be held, supported. Slowly, we make our way into the body, feeling the breath enter to expand the chest. I invite you to feel your bones and muscles supporting you from within. And finally, we connect the external and internal with the breath.

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Marc smiling and hold a black and tan dachshund

In this video, I offer a short explanation of loving-kindness meditation and how I incorporate the practice in my life. I also offer you a 10-minute guided meditation that you can practice anywhere and at any time.

Body Scan + Savasana

Marc support Jaclyn's head in savasana. Jaclyn is laying on the floor with her arms by her sides.

When’s the last time you practiced resting? This practice is all about savasana. Gather any props you may need and settle in for a treat. We begin with a body scan and then drop into 5 minutes of deep rest.