My Favorite Hip Stretches

Marc practicing a low lunge using yoga blocks for support

All this sitting around is wreaking havoc on my already tight hips. In this practice, I share some of my favorite movements to release my quads and open my hips.

Chair Practice: Accessible Yoga Homework

Marc practicing Tadasana (Mountain Pose) seated in a chair

I recorded this chair practice as part of my Accessible Yoga training in June 2020. We’ll gently warm up the body working through some gentle twisting and backbend. Eventually, we’ll engage our core, building strength in our arms, abs, and legs as we practice “handstand” in a chair.

Fall into Relaxation

Marc practicing reclined butterfly supported by yoga blocks and bolsters

Have you noticed that as the days get shorter and the nights begin to cool, the plants and animals in our yards lean into rest? As Winter approaches and we should be preparing for rest, many of us are packing our schedules with Halloween parties, Thanksgiving road trips, and Christmas shopping. As life get’s busy over the next few months, I want you to remember – there is always time for rest. And I hope you’ll enjoy this 20-ish minute restorative practice on the days when you feel like you just don’t have time for yoga.