My Favorite Neck Shoulder, and Side Stretches

Image shows Marc sitting in a chair practicing Mountain Pose with words "Tech Neck?"

Feeling hunched after spending hours on Zoom? These are my favorite ways to “undo” the effects of working on my laptop all day. As I mention in the video, your mileage may vary on these and feel free to add in your own favorite movements or improvise new ones!

How to Cat/Cow

Image displays the Fat Kid Yoga Club Logo and text "How to Cat/Cow"

In this video, I review the cat/cow flow and discuss the benefits of the sequence. We also explore different ways to adapt these poses based on your body’s needs on any given day. Specifically, I demonstrate how to support and protect your knees and wrists when practicing on the mat. I also show how you can practice cat/cow while seated in a chair or on the floor.

Yoga Recess: Hips & Shoulders

Marc practicing parsvokonasa using a strap to link their hands behind their back

This yoga recess is great for days when you need to undo the effects of computer work on your body. A gentle warm-up, some deep hip stretches, and a new way to use your yoga strap to help open the chest.

Yoga Recess: Freestyle Practice

Marc practicing a slow lung and gesturing towards his right hip

Yoga Recess is an opportunity for us to check in with our bodies and add a little bit of movement to our days. They’re unscripted, freestyle practice where you can follow along with me or do your own thing. These videos will be lightly edited to allow me to make them available quickly.

Quick Flow

Marc practicing Peaceful Warrior Pose

we all have those days where it feels like we just don’t have time to practice. So, I offer this practice for you! A quick (as in short) flow-style practice that will loosen the hips and leave you feeling energized and ready to confront your day.