Bed Yoga: Handstand Practice

Image displays the Fat Kid Yoga Club Logo and the text "Accessible Yoga Training Homework: Bed Yoga (Un)Handstand

Bed yoga is for EVERY body. But, practicing yoga in bed can be a great way for folks to get some extra support or reduce the risk of injury from falls or exertion.
In this practice, we explore how bed yoga can be both gentle and strengthening. Just because you’re laying in bed, doesn’t mean it has to be easy. Although we won’t go upside down, this practice will help to build core strength and upper body strength as well as offer the energizing feeling for practicing and handstand!

Yoga Recess: Be Gentle and Rest

Marc practicing a low lunge with one knee down and one hand supporting himself against a wall

There’s not much to say about this practice. It’s gentle, restorative, and was perfect for a rainy morning in Southeast Louisiana.