Hatha Practice 4-27-21

This practice includes some of my favorite poses to practice after a long day of working at the computer.

Hatha Practice 4-13-21

Images shows Marc practicing wide legs up the wall

We began this practice with a moment of reflection for Daunte Wright. Since this practice, we also need to hold Adam Toledo, Jaida Peterson, and Remmy Fennell in our hearts.

Hatha Practice 4-10-21

This practice emphasizes “flow” or moving with the breath. I invite you to let go of where you are headed and focus on the journey. Join me in practicing presence bring the mind, body, and breath together with joyful movement. 

Hatha Practice 3-27-21

You may want to have blocks, a chair, or a wall available for support in practicing downward-facing dogs. The full sequence is available below for your reference.

Hatha Practice 3-20-21

In this practice, we explored a wide-leg seat as an alternative to downward dog. In it, we work on both hip flexion and supporting the spine with our core. As the thumbnail suggests, we also experimented with chair pose as an opportunity to find the leg and core work of downward-facing dog without having to bear weight on our arms. 

Hatha Practice 3-13-21

I begin this practice with a brief discussion of the origins of Yoga in South Asia and some of the philosophical underpinnings of the practice. The full sequence is listed below for your reference.

Hatha Practice 3-9-21

Image displays the Fat Kid Yoga Club logo and a photo of Marc practicing Tadasana with one hand on their chest and one hand on their belly

In this practice, we begin with some seated movement to help warm up our neck, shoulders, and torso. Then, I demonstrate a seated option for twisting in wide-leg forward folds. I’ve included the full sequence below for your reference.

Hatha Practice 3-6-21

Image shows the Fat Kid Yoga Club Logo and text that reads "Live Hatha 3-6-21" and shows Marc practicing Dolphin Pose

In this recording of a live Hatha practice, we explore Dolphin pose. Dolphin can be a great alterative to Downward Dog for folks that have wrist, elbow, or shoulder issues.