Flow + Restore

Image shows the Fat Kid Yoga Club Logo and "Flow + Restore"

In this practice, we begin standing and then move through some half-sun salutations. Afterward, we move through some lunges and half-splits to open the hips and backs of the legs. For standing poses, we have Warrior 1 and Warrior 2. About 35 minutes in, we switch gears and move to the floor for some gentle restorative work.

You’re Doing the Best that You Can

Image displays the Fat Kid Yoga Club logo and "It's okay to rest, you are doing the best that you can"

This practice is a little different from others. It’s a recording of a live practice I offered via Facebook for Downtown Yoga. It’s about 57 minutes long and is somewhat vigorous as we work on Sun Salutation A and the process of “stepping to the top of the mat” from downward facing dog.

How to Downward Facing Dog

Marc practicing downward dog with their arms holding the back of a chair

In this practice, we take a look at downward facing dog and break it down into its component parts: upper body and core work, and hip flexion and opening the backs of the legs. When I started practicing yoga – I hated this pose. But several years later, I’ve learned to love the challenge of downward dog. Maybe you will, too?

Balance is a Verb

Marc practicing Tree Pose with Arms Stretched over head

In this practice, we explore balance on the mat and in our lives. We begin with a gentle asana practice. We take time to notice our connection to the Earth below us and the external support we receive through that connection. Then, we begin to notice how our body works to stabilize and support itself as we move further away from the ground. For this practice, you may need blocks, padding for the knees, or a wall or chair for support.

Handstand Prep

Marc standing near a wall holding two yoga blocks

Handstand is an impressive pose. It requires the perfect balance of strength and flexibility to execute, and it can take years to master.
Whether or not you ever want to go upside down in your yoga practice, this week we’ll explore a few ways to build a strong core and upper body. Because let’s face it, groceries are heavy!

Exploring Three Warrior Poses

Two individuals standing and practicing Warrior 2

Most folks are familiar with Warrior 1 and Warrior 2, but did you know there is a Third Warrior? In this practice, I invite you to explore each of these poses in your body to find your inner warrior! We’ll use a few props to assist us in the journey to Warrior 3. I recommend having two blocks and/or a chair available, as well as some water and a towel in case you get a little sweaty (like me).

Chest Opening & Back Bending

Marc posing with their hand on their hip and smiling

This is slow-flow style practice. We begin with a gentle back bend, laying down on our backs and feeling supported with a rolled up blanket (or towel). You may also want to have some yoga blocks handy, as well as a yoga strap or belt.

Grounding, Breathing, and Clearing

Marc kneeling while smiling and waving at the camera

In this practice, we’ll begin with a gentle restorative yoga practice and explore Ujjayi and Nadi Shodhana pranayama. If you haven’t tried restorative yoga before, you’re in for a treat!